Monday, January 5, 2009

Coog Instruments & Folk Art No More

It's official! Coog Instruments & Folk Art is now Ron Cook Studios. A new web site is now up and running at I'll keep the Coog Instruments site going for another six months or so, for those who have links to specific pages, but please check out the new site and re-set your links, because after I return from my Summer shows, I'll be shutting down the Coog Instruments web site for good. I'll be notifying many of you through my e-mail newsletter long before that, so you'll have a little time to re-set those links.

Also, the Coog Instruments & Folk Art Blog will be closed out later in 2009, so I only have to maintain one web site and one blog.

This is a big change for me. I've been known as "Coog" since 1967, and most who've known me with the nickname "Coog" over the years have either rented harps from the music store in the sky, or moved on and away. Coog is no more.

As I always say, "Onward through the fog!"

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