Monday, September 15, 2008

Hard Work and Sad Times

This past month has been one of the hardest and saddest in my life. I exhibited at the Sausalito Art Festival for the first time, and it was six days of very hard work that I wasn't of a mind to do. Of course, I was committed to do the show, but during the two weeks between the American Craft Council Fine Craft Show in San Francisco and Sausalito, my dear, 91-year-old mother became severly ill. Shortly after I returned, she passed away.

June Rose Cook
June 21, 1917 - September 4, 2008

Show season is almost over. I have one more that takes place the second and third weekends in October: The Open Studios Art Tour. This will be, I think, the eighth year I've been in this exciting event. Not only will I have my studio open to the public, but I'll have an exhibit of all my current and past works. It's not to be missed.

Back to Sausalito--The Sausalito Art Festival was a first for me. It's considered to be one of the 10 best Art Festivals in the country, and with all the work that the Sausalito people put into it, along with the big name bands, great food, and helpful volunteers, it deserves the accolades. I made some sales, but the volatile economy is causing a little problem with all artists.

But, all in all, Stella and I had a good time there.
I'm still trying to get back into being creative again. The last month did rather drain me. I did a lot of cleaning and rearranging in my studio the other day, and I got my carving paraphenalia all ready to make more sawdust. Hopefully, my muse will soon return to guide my hands.

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