Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming to the End of an Era

I've been known as "Coog" to friends and acquaintances for over 40 years. Unfortunately, only one 0r two people I now associate with understands the name or how I got it. Lately, many have asked me "what's a Coog?" or "what is a Coog instrument?"

On January 1, 2009, Coog Instruments will be no more. The name will officially change to "Ron Cook Studios." Hopefully, the Coog questions will end.

This will probably be the last, or maybe next to last blog entry for Coog Instruments and Folk Art. All newsworthy updates will be posted on the Ron Cook Studios blog from now on. In fact, click HERE to read about what's happening in my studio this week.

It's been wonderful educating, working with, and selling to all the great people I've met over the last eight years or so as Coog Instruments. I hope to meet and enjoy the company of many more in the years to come as Ron Cook Studios.

As I've said so many times for the last 40 years, onward through the fog.


Kathryn said...

FYI, The "HERE" link is not working yet.

The change makes complete sense as you are growing and changing -- but I'm afraid I'll always think of the business as "COOG!"

Ron Cook said...

So will I!